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    At De Vre Trans, ‘timeous and effectiveness’ describes our vision to succeed.

  • Established in Botswana,De Vre Trans (PTY) LTD is a transport company founded in March 2003, with the main aim of offering primary and secondary transport of bulk , general cargo, transportation of containers e.t.c. Our road transport services span across the SADC region. De Vre Trans has been delivering cross border road transport and logistics for over 14 years, with its offices in Palapye and Gaborone, Botswana. Botswana is a country with no coastline and situated between South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

    This forces the country to import goods from our neighbouring countries. Botswana’s main center of trade is located on the eastern part of the country while the rest of the country is mainly covered by the Kalahari Desert and Okavango Delta making it very difficult to meets its agricultural needs and furthermore as a developing country relying mainly on importing most of its raw materials for different industrial sectors of the country, thus the need for De Vre Trans to provide the service of transporting the needed resources between Botswana and its suppliers.

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De Vre Trans
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    The De Vre Trans team is commited to people development and excellence.

  • De Vre Trans

    Vision & Mission

    At De Vre Trans, ‘timeous and effectiveness’ describes our vision to succeed. To be a leading transport and logistics company that operates in the context of a global economy. As a company we are committed to cost effectiveness, quality service, people development and business excellence. We believe that transport and logistics processes enable or disable a country’s expansion and growth and thereby, its global competitiveness.

    Improving logistics performance has become an important policy objective in recent years, because logistics has a major impact on economic activity. Better logistics performance is strongly associated with trade expansion, export diversification, the ability to attract foreign direct investment and economic growth.

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    Structure & Staff

    The head office of De Vre Trans is based in Gaborone, Botswana, and we have a depot in Palapye each branch comprising of the main offices, a workshop (tyre bay, wash bay, mechanichal bay and a parking area for the trucks).

    An employer of more than 100 employees (Each respective staff member is duly empowered to execute his/her duties), Our Drivers and operators are trained annually by Scania and Volvo. They are further tested regularly throughout the year on their driving skills and health wise (e.g. ensuring they have good vision and further assisting financially if there should be a problem which is rectifiable.
    We further afford our employees the opportunity to upgrade using short courses and sending them for further studies in their respective fields through BOTA (Botswana Training Authority) recognised colleges and universities. We deliver excellence in Transport and logistics enabling customers to grow in an efficient, proactive and cost effective manner.

  • De Vre Trans

    Tracking Technology

    Safety is at the core of everything we do, QCIC Asset Management ensures that we keep track of the cargo moved.

    We employ fleet management systems and satellite navigation providing real-time information and visibility, which allow our customers to be up to date with the status of the cargo at any given time.

    Updates are done every 5 minutes directly to our offices to ensure that the cargo is always safe and secure and delivered on time

  • At De Vre Trans

    "Timeous and effective describes our vision to succeed."

  • Our Fleet

    The fleet consist of the following trucks and plant equipment. Total of 62 trucks and 80 sets of trailers that are interchanged according to specific job requirements:

22 x Side Tipper Trailers

16 x Tri-axle Trailers Dropside & Flat-Deck

3 x Fridge Trailers

12 x Tautliners Trailers

6 x Link Trailers 8m x 10m


12 x Superlinks Dropside & Flatdeck

3 x Lowbed Trailers

2 x Grain Links

4 x Sloper & Tippers

3 x Front-end loaders

3 x JCB’s

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